It's Not Anyone Else's Job

We may have many realizations as we focus on healing. The most crucial epiphany is when we become aware and understand that it's not anyone else's job to:

  • Look in the mirror and accept the face and body we are living in for this life experience.

  • Learn to love and be kind to ourselves.

  • Work through our emotions and let go of our past.

  • Decide that therapy would be helpful.

  • Make the therapy appointment for us.

  • Discover and heal childhood wounds that have followed us into adulthood.

  • Figure out how and when our relationship with Our Creator became strained or non-existent.

  • Create a new and loving relationship with the God of our understanding.

  • Forgive those who have wronged us without receiving an apology.

  • Exercise our bodies.

  • Eat foods that are colorful, fresh, and healthy.

  • Focus on what's going right in life, and not always what's wrong with it.

  • To make changes in our behaviors and start feeling better.

  • Quiet our mind so we can see the help that shows up for us; a quote, a book, a phone call, an article, a post, a teacher, a new modality, etc.

  • Choose to stop numbing what we feel and work towards healing the feelings.

  • Be accountable for our happiness and commit to creating more joy in our lives.

  • Leave relationships that are not positive and uplifting for us.

Our job is to focus on creating, healing, learning, and growing in the areas that we choose. Give ourselves support, encouragement, love, and understanding as we evolve and become a better parent, partner, sibling, employee, teacher, and human. Our job is to heal us!



Photo credit: Britene Larna

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