Britene Larna, RHIT, CECP


My personal healing journey began about 10 years ago when I started  “showing up and paying attention" in my life. Healing began to happen by adding two immediate changes:

I accepted accountability for my own happiness.

I committed to creating personal changes, based on what was best for me.  

As we go through life, we will all experience recovery from various life events.  Those events can provide clarity for what we need to work on. They can offer growth opportunities for healing relationships. They can even be the catalyst to make positive changes that can alter the course of our lives. 

I believe that keeping my “bucket full” by practicing self-care and spending time around other positive people, I can stay balanced, loving, and helpful to others. 

Welcome to my website. Welcome to the world of healing! Join me as we learn, grow, and heal, together!

Light and Love,  ~Britene

Disclaimer: Alternative healing should not take the place of medical or psychological visits. If you are in physical, mental, or emotional pain, please contact a licensed and credentialed professional to help you.



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